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Any reproduction, storage in digital databases only with the written permission!

All publish images are subject to a strict copyright. Any use of images needs a written approval. These include reproduction, publication of any kind
and any form of non-domestic use. Those who do not comply with these simple rules and my pictures without written permission violates the statutory guidelines.

Such a violation is punished.

There is also the possibility some of my work for publications (flyers, covers etc.). Hiefür but it needs a written approval of the model or photographers for the project. The intellectual property rights remain with the photographer and model. With a further use in another project, a new approval.
Such publication is in advertising or fee basis, depending on the type and size of the project.

Advertising base:
The publication is clearly visible copyright and be a reference to the photographer and model and the homepage with reprinted.

Fee basis:
Photo shoots on TFP basis or against Honar. This decision I've ever after the project and photographers. For larger publications, with commercial ambitions, is also a reference to the photographers and their home and be a fee (after Vereinbahrung) is paid. For more detailed information and conditions, please send me a detailed description of the project to send